This project is all about spending time in the kitchen with the boys as we cook one soup once a week from every country in the world. It’s our sneaky way of getting them into cooking, expanding their palates, and hopefully gaining some perspective about the big wide world we live in.


Beckett:  Eldest child, moderate soup lover, sous chef, recipe picker, taste tester, server,  busser + dishwasher.  Loves apples, geography, playing with Lucy, and cows. Favorite soup: Egg Drop soup

Calvin: Youngest child, big soup lover, sous chef, recipe picker, taste tester, server + busser.  Loves spinach, snuggling, drawing comics and being tackled by Hobbes. Favorite soup: Tortilla soup.

Kristen:  Food & lifestyle photographer, serial entrepreneur, HUGE soup lover, and mom to two of the most curious, creative and kissable boys on the planet.  Loves traveling, black tea, rivers, and sleeping. Favorite soup: Avgolemono or Hot and Sour or Lentil, or…..  too many to choose from.j

James:    Bartender, sous chef, busser, dishwasher, backup photographer, ardent supporter, and the best dad/husband on the face of the planet… in spite of the fact that he (currently) believes that soup is an appetizer (not a meal).  Loves the SF Giants, whiskey, helping people, and his family.  Favorite soup: Italian Wedding Soup.

Lucy: Mascot, foot warmer, floor cleaner, bouncer, squirrel detector.  lucyFavorite soup: kibble in warm water.



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