PERU: Sopa Minuta

PERU: Sopa Minuta We were super excited to draw Peru out of the cup just a couple of weeks before we were to leave for 3 weeks in Peru!   We had a FANTASTIC time and saw, learned, and experienced so much – including hiking the… Read More

SOMALIA: Oat + Goat Soup (Shurbad)

SOMALIA: Oat + Goat Soup (Shurbad) Here’s what we learned about Somalia in  our research this week:  Somalia has a huge nomadic population and they eat primarily goat and camel meat. The northern part of Somalia declares itself independent as Somaliland, but is unrecognized by… Read More

HUNGARY: Sertéspörkölt (pork goulash)

HUNGARY: Sertéspörkölt  (pork goulash) Here’s what we learned  in  our research/kitchen time this week:  There are actually 3 Hungarian stews made from onions, meat and paprika: gulyás, pörkölt and paprikás. The dish called pörkölt (pronounced PURR-colt) is what we Americans call “goulash” (thick meaty stew). … Read More